Happy New Year

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I certainly hope so!

Husband and I had our best Year yet! We reflected on the good things that brought us joy such as:

  1. Chloe is AWESOME
  2. Balancing work and baby like bosses!
  3. Kicking ass at staying fit
  4. Making as much time as we can for our friends!
  5. Making time for each other
  6. Making time for extended family
  7. We are communicating amazingly!


But BUT BUT!!!!!!!!

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Seriously. Hence the Hamster Wheel. We’re like WTF, we have so SOOOOOOO many things to be grateful for but we feel like we are just slogging through life as if it’s punishment.

Side bar: I want to put a “p” in Hamster. I’ve tried twice and silly autocorrect will not let me. Perhaps if I ever allow Chloe a rodent I will call he or she Hampster the Hamster.

Back to feeling dead inside….

We committed to trying to find a purpose or joy again in our lives, however we are fresh out of ideas. I welcome feedback from anyone. I’m always down for a sparkly feeling affirmation jar however that might be a hard sell on Husband.

Really, we need to dig in and find enjoyment out of the things we should enjoy. I’m not sure how to begin so I’m headed back to therapy. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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