I haven’t posted in forever.   I’ve been busy raising this little amazing human.

It’s been so HARD and it’s been so GOOD.   All of the cliches are true.   

We also find it really easy to describe the sh*t that is parenting at times, however it’s so hard to put into words the joy that erases — ok that is a F*cking lie – the joy that makes the tough times worth it.   

This week has been the best week of motherhood to date.   Chloe has been such a JOY to be around.   She is so cute with her friends and with other kids.  She is 98.9% of the time smiling and those smiles are contagious.    

I may be feeling sentimental because I’m about to go back to work.  I’m so excited to go back to work.   I am nervous about the transition and how Husband and I will share duties so that we can both get our workouts in and our time in and our friend time in… 

But we will figure it out as we do.   

We are really killing it as parents and I am so proud of us!

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