Lovey Lovey Dove

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So TONIGHT I had the best girls night… with my daughter.   

She’s so beautiful and perfect and funny and silly and she just makes my life so much better.   Better than I could have ever imagined.   

Before I had her I couldn’t imagine how children could make your life better.  Like I was NOT a kid person.   From the outside looking in it seemed like parenting was barely controlled chaos.  Which it is.  I never believed parents when they would say it was all worth it.  However, it is.   

I don’t want to be a smug bitch and tell those without children or those about to have children that “they’ll understand later” because that doesn’t do anything except for like make their blood boil.   

Photo Credit
True.   The above photo is true.  

I didn’t force her to sleep tonight.  I picked her up when brought her to bed with me and we watched TV and snuggled.   It was awesome.   I’m a MOM RULE BREAKER and it felt so good. 

My friend Erika taught me how to plan out my week to make it feel less Chaotic- and it works.   One thing per day — allows us to be flexible.   It’s awesome.   

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I’m still working on Purpose.  But isn’t that the whole Purpose of Life?

Night Night!


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