Making a life IS beautiful.

Pregnancy is really hard.   Like for something so enjoyable to make happen – – let’s just say that evolution has it all figured out.   Very tricky… Verrrrry tricky.

Disclaimer:  I have felt pretty cute my whole pregnancy.   Like as far as self esteem goes – I was worried I would be horrified:   But I honestly felt the glow.   Probably cutting out chugging wine and eating like shit really helps.   (Those two went hand in hand for me).   

I am proud of my shape.  I’m proud of myself for being able to keep as active as I was before I became pregnant.   I feel strong and toned and sexy. 

When my friend Holly suggested maternity photos – I admitted that I thought about it.    

We have been really possessive of our little bump.   Like clearly I wear sticky every day – but we like:  didn’t want to share on social media or send a ton of photos — it’s OUR bump and we want it all to ourselves.   

So, how did we get to taking maternity photos?   I think the hormones got the better of me.   I was like:  we do love our bump, and let’s cherish this time in our lives that is such important first (sorry second child). So we did it.

I found Brandy @ Fresh Sugar via the Google Machine.   

Fresh Sugar 

She’s done some really awesome work with the Children’s Hospital that melted my heart.    That was the difference that set Fresh Sugar aside – it was just a vibe I got from Brandy’s Blog, pro bono work and Portfolio.  We signed up.   

Brandy’s studio is out of her beautiful home.   We immediately felt comfortable.   She is so welcoming and personable.  I felt like I had known her forever!

Here is our sneak peek as posted on the Fresh Sugar Blog:

A special thanks to Karla @ Butter Beauty Parlour for making my face so damn beautiful to go with this gorgeous bump I’m sporting!

A super special thanks to my gorgeous Husband who gave me the gift of pregnancy and a family of our own.   



One thought on “Making a life IS beautiful.

  1. Love these pictures! You look so gorgeous as usual! I’m sure it’s been hard but you are rocking your pregnancy! I can’t wait to meet your special bundle of joy in August! Love you!!! 💞


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