This is a new post.

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But like, why is it so hard to write about stuff we love?

It’s obvious (or maybe not) that I started writing this blog as a dear diary that was less about a diary and more about an “over share I don’t care” (but, I do, do really care and I’m nervous about what you think and I am still going to do it anyway #vulnerabilitybedamned)

It’s Mother’s Day today!   It’s my first MDay as a Momma To Be and my fucking awesome husband got me a GC to my fave spa.   The card made me tear up, despite my overheated pregnancy sleep deprived rage.   

It must be so hard to be a supportive Hubs.  Like, honestly.   I was thinking of all the stuff that we do together:   Drink Wine, bike, ski/snowboard – now we have toned down because I can’t DO all of those things.  I can’t DO a late dinner because if you keep me up past 9:30 my Tanty would rival that of a Terrible Two. 

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However there are so many cool things we are doing together right now like growing a baby, building a house and a family!    It’s more exciting than I ever thought it would be!   

I’m feeling scared about the whole parenting thing.   Like obvi things are not going to be perfect, but hopefully my children will not be assholes.   You know?  I’m also worried about other children’s parents.   Thus far, I have met cool moms and parents that are like how Bear and I would like to be.   But I know the parent sharks are out there, I have read about them, I’ve read their mean posts on the Bump Message Boards and I’m terrified of them. 

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Here is another thing.   We are trying to sell our Condo, our beautiful condo, right at about the time that everyone else is.   Yay recession!!!   So like, it’s only been a month but I am freaking the fuck out.   The rental market also sucks.  I know that we are lucky, luckier than most.   We can do the two mortgage thing – but – I just don’t know if I’m up to it!   I’m facing a Mat Leave Pay Cut!   Two Mortgages potentially?  A sweet baby!  I want to focus on the sweet darling baby we are about to have.   I don’t want to worry about money.  I know we will have shelter, I know we will be able to have food.   I’m really worried about the stress.   The stress!  THE STRESS!!!   So send me some good vibes peeps!  Someone will buy our sweet beautiful condo!   Everything will work out!   Right!   Right?   My husband predicts that we will have two offers on the condo, I’ll go into early labour and our house possession will be pushed back a month!  

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So, that’s my emotional dump for the day!  

Thanks for listening.

Sticky just kicked outrageously so he’s glad too.   Or she… 


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