T2 = Pregnancy Bliss


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I feel obnoxiously cute right now.  I have ALL of the energy I had pre-pregnancy – aside from still needing to go to bed by 9 PM!   I can feel Sticky moving around in there!  I love it so much!!!   Aside from the swollen ankles – but it justified another pair of birkenstocks – much to my husbands horror (heh heh heh – YOU try having your gorgeous narrow delicate feet (with alien toes, but we can’t be perfect) taken over by puffy fat-person feet an cankles?  I get what I want).

What I’m missing is:


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Like, it’s supposed to be back in full swing.   So I went out and “got sugared” yesterday in a vain attempt at feeling sexy.  HOLY SHIT.   That was pain like none other.  My Sugaring Tech?  I don’t know what they are called, but she was like trying to chat with me and I’m like HELLO?  You are RIPPING my VAGINA APART and I’m sweating like a whore in church.  Can we not do this?  Anyway – allegedly the swelling should go down, but I was fully traumatized yesterday.  Today – the trauma still lingers, but I should hopefully be good to go by the end of the day.   My poor sweet husband is like “I’m just waiting for you to get your mojo back” — I’m like:  FUCK — Come back!  I just feel a little weird that I’m like er, no.  But I can’t like just NOT, that’s like begging my husband to shag the secretary – he doesn’t have one, but you know what I mean.   Especially with Stampede coming up I better get my mojo in order.   It’s hard without the old dutch courage, but we’ll see…  WE WILL SEE.   I’d rather not have my baby’s sibling be the product of another vagina.  I’m making my hubs out to be a cheater – which he’s not – but hey, I have lots of time to vivid dream, so that’s where it’s going.

That’s it!




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