Pinterest, Grandparents, and bitchiness

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So, like, I just don’t feel prepared.   There are like SO many things to learn.   Obviously – I want the best – the best books to read – all of the latest tips – I just don’t want to fuck up my kid right?   I also want to be perfect and free from criticism.    So far, I do not think this is possible.   

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So – I’m totally stressed out about parents.   Like grandparents.   Like – I don’t want to ever assume that they will babysit – that’s not fair to them – I also don’t want them to feel like they are being shut out – I don’t want to build up resentment by not keeping the lines of communication open – but like how do you bring it up?   

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So, like – I thought with T2 the bitchiness and the energy would subside.   No such luck.   It’s still here and my bedtime is still 9 – so – there you have it.    

That’s it.




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