Happy Almost Anniversary of Blogging

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I renewed my domain name today!!!   

A month early!!

But why not celebrate early?   

This can be “Blog Anniversary Month”


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This happened tonight.   The Broncos won.   It was neat to watch.   

I don’t think I’ll do a year in review.    You can all read.    But – I do hope that you enjoyed reading about the year in the life of MOI.  

Thank you for giving me an outlet to rattle on and get through some shit!

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Update on Preggoland.   (And Sticky).

Bear and I have chilled out (a bit) (that’s a lie) (that is what we are telling ourselves) about the news. We are looking at the stats and hearing about other peoples horror stories turned OK healthy babies and really trying to believe that Sticky will be ok.   

Hopefully the news will come next week.   If it’s bad, I’ll have a breakdown and let you know how that goes.      If it’s good, I’ll be totally excited and then move onto worrying about the next ultrasound.     This is my life now.  Which I think is pretty normal.   

Anyway!   Just a little high five for being almost a year old!



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