Diets are “EW!”


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I got to the point in my chubness where I knew that I needed help.  For those of you that know me, know that my BMI is nowhere near the obese zone — or even outside of the “normal” zone – but you know – I’m a female that has been obsessed with my body image since a young age.   I am NOT comfortable with my current size.  I am not OK with the fact that my size 25 designer jeans are NOT comfortable.   I do nott feel sexy, I feel disgusting and worthless.   No, I’m not being dramatic.  Not all the time, but like any time I see my body not shrouded in clothing.  So, like, daily.


I was in the process of signing up for a class at YYC Cycle and I came across a guest blog post by Amy Kari from The Pristine Body.  She’s not only SO cute and in EXCELLENT shape, she’s an RN and a Holistic Nutritionist to boot.  She swears in her blog.  REAL SWEAR WORDS.  Most importantly, (yes, even more importance then a fellow-sailor-mouth) she seemed to get it.

The “it” I refer to is the whole, like what the fuck do I do?  Paleo?  Vegan? Zone?  Mediterranean? Run? Lift?  Less Cardio? More Cardio?  More Weights?  Cleanse?  …

Mind Explode

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I was getting fatter, I didn’t want to give up wine, I didn’t want to give up my social life, but I knew I had to do something.  I could work this 32 year old body out 5 hours a day and I knew my fat wasn’t going to go anywhere.  Plus, I was getting a bit depressed.

Meeting Amy was AWESOME.  I was still riding the high from my marathon and felt INVINCIBLE.   I was ready for a plan of action.   Then she gave it to me:  the brain diet:  love your body challenge.   My manual was filled with emotional exercises to get real with why I feel the loathing I do of my body.  What?  Where was my 7-day Shredddd it?   I’m kidding, I knew what I was getting into.   I got to work.

There are a few things that I have learned and phrases that I have adopted of my own.  One of them being “Pizza Happens”.  The other thing I’ve learned is:  You only have to eat when you are hungry!   Some emotional Eating is OK!   FOOD RULES ARE FOR FOOLS.   Just so many things.

The most important thing, is that I’m beginning to change the way that I feel about the way that I look.  YES.  I’ve got jiggles!  But do you know what?  Those jiggles got me all the way to the finish line.  The jiggles do not define me.   Not when there are so many more important things that I can define myself with, including wife, runner, crossfitter, snowboarder, friend, gigglemonster, etc.

I feel like a Dove commercial right now.  I should make one thing clear.  It’s not cool to be overweight.   Just as it’s not cool to be underweight.   It’s cool to be just right.  Let’s call it the Goldilocks test.  Guess who is in control of Just Right — You are!


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If you are in a slump and ready for meaningful change in an nontraditional; yet effective way.  Please please please please please go to Amy’s website and set up an appointment.   She’s got it.  I promise you.




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