Songs that Make me Smile ๐Ÿ˜€

Today I made a playlist – largely because there are no TVs on my flight from Denver to NOLA – I digress.   

iTunes shuffle was blowing it up today (with awesomeness – I should watch my adjectives, whilst on a plane) –  I have so many I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!  moments in life, no, they do not take place at “da club” 8 vodkas deep.   (I’m not saying never, just not always ๐Ÿ˜œ)

I have been running in the Rockies lately – and therefore have been forced to run outside of soundcloud service.   At first, I panicked:  I may not have anything other than Tay Tay and Mimi?  I LOVE THEM but not for 3.5 hours running.   

Turns out I have some great tunes (not 100% if the Husband Bear would agree, but HE isn’t running…)

Music is so awesome, because it is like a time travel rocket every time!  


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#1 on my playlist is the Arkells Ballad of Hugo Chavez.   I honestly don’t know who Mr. Chavez is – I feel like he might be a bad guy – but I don’t want to profile nor do I have access to the internet.   I might be confusing him with Pablo Escobar (Watch Narcos!!!) – but it’s such an upbeat song!   I remember when I first came across it.   I had gone on some dates with this nice but not got me guy and he was super obsessed with Indie music.   I mistook Indie for folk and my first reaction was “ew” – but anyway he got me into whatever the spotify was 100 years ago when I was young and had less sun damage on my face.  I found this song when I was on an open road headed out to Waterton to hike with Dad.   So good.

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NEXT #2 – Mariah Carey: All I Want for Christmas is You!

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How can you not have mad love for this song?   As a boy crazy teen to present day married life – when I hear this song on the radio or my Christmas playlist) I am ITCHING to sing (off-key, loudly) and dance (Awkwardly dance) this song to my Husband.   

#3 – BC Orienteering. – Said the Whale 

This song cracks me up NOW because I’ve successfully experienced being lost on a hike (a few times) – being scared on a hike (Temple, this year) and knowing that I’m totally unprepared for anything untoward that could happen.    It’s not funny but it makes me smile and shake my head at myself. 

It makes me think of the MILLION camp trips my BFF Emily and I have taken!!   So Much Fun!  (And Vodka Limonatas…. And all night dance parties…. And “truth circle” that is the campfire) 

#4 – MBF – Brand New Spaces

First of all, I must say that I liked MBFs “vibe” or whatever when he was an adorable hipster (vs. dirty hipster, the look he is currently rocking) with a daisy in his guitar.  

Anyway – this song is an imperative pick me up “it’ll be okay” aprรจs break-up song.   And it’s catchy AF.  

#5 – Mariah Carey – Always be my Baby

This is my #1 song to sing super loudly (see above, re: key) in the car to.   If I had hair to whip, I would.   If Leigh is with me, she can take he hair whip. 

This song has been with me forever. It’s all about girl-power and convincing yourself it’s totally cool that your love object railroaded your heart, because he’ll be back, boy.  

Which brings me to #6 – Obsessed 

This song for me is the song after you realize, oh fuck, he’s not coming back, boy.   

It’s a time to channel your inner diva and date under you.   I wish I were kidding.   It feels good to vent to your girlfriends “ew, like lose my number or get in line”. – to be young again…

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Tragically Hip – Family Band

This is an adorable Canadian song.   It makes me think of the rink in Carlyle where I lived and the rinks in other towns that we would visit if watching the Cougars play.   It was a huge thing.   I didn’t know any bands.  But like, I just picture the snowy rinks and dark cold nights warmed with Hockey, Hot Chocolate and eventually Pilsner.    

#7 Glass of Water – Coldplay – Live

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I have started every race I have run with this song (after 2008).   I dunno.  It might be (ok, is) a weird running thing. 

This is such a fun game for me.   You don’t have to read this whole thing.   I’m going to write it though (NO TV! I don’t like the book I’m reading!!!!) 

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Oh!  Sidebar.  I feel super guilty – this adorable elderly couple were seperated.   They both got middle seats.   I didn’t get an aisle from Calgary to Denver and I’m cherishing it.  I didn’t offer to move.   I’m an asshole – but I just couldn’t do it.   I wanted space.   Karma will get me. 

Alright!  Back to super fun song game.

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#8 – The Postal Service – Clark Gable

This song is so great.   The beat although nothing remotely like Super Mario Bros. – makes me picture people running through clips of film which sew a story together – in a Vintage sort of way – but their arms are sort of like Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 1. 

Ok.  I’m not on the drugs.   But take a listen.  Let me know. 

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Okay #9-14 – Tay

Style – I love it!  It’s kind of how I feel about bear and I when I’m wearing red lipstick (no mini skirt, I’m over 30) (Shut up!)

Wildest Dreams – I have sung this to  Husband so much he’s really sick of it – but like: he’s so tall and handsome as hell… 

Welcome to New York – reminds me of the first time I went to New York and LOVED IT.  (Understatement, ask Steph) 

Love Story – OMG.   As a hopeless romantic this is EXACTLY how I live my life full of love in my heart.   I totally scored Romeo and he scored, a clumsy but cute curly haired Juliette. 

Sparks Fly – see above

22 – I always feel 22.  Oooo-oooo-oooo-oooo.

#15 – Bromance – Avicii Remix

This was the first time I saw my then boyfriend lose his mind to a song.   (He’s my hubs now).   He’s fairly even keeled on the emotional scale – but – this song came on at an event and he was ecstatic!

#16 – Emerald Lake, AB – Said the Whale 

This is a song that is awesome to listen to when you are reflectingu on how awesome your life is.   And they are Canadian!   Singing about a sweet spot in OUR Rockies.   Yep.  Pretty darn good life. 

There are a few others – but now we have to log off.   What are your fave songs!  

Xo Mere


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