Happy Place

That’s from Metro News today.   I love reading my horoscope!   So much, I force a horoscope reading session on my co-workers.  I know they love it. 

Anyway.  I’ve clearly been down in the dumps lately.   “Ew” – it does totally suck, however a necessary, unavoidable part of life.  

I’m definitely primarily an optimist – wait – there is a Buzzfeed Quiz for that and YOU MUST DO IT: 

Quiz !!!! Do it!!!
However every now and again I am a bit of a Debbie downer:  

That’s from Pinterest. 

OK – so we were in Vancouver last weekend (fave city) with some of my fave people, running the SeaWheeze (also a fave) race and staying in Kits (you guessed it, my fave Neighborhood in Van).   Not depressed.    

I stepped outside and drank a coffee and read a book one morning and I was like “GET THE FUCK OUT” when I realized this was 75% of my imagined “best day”.    

I remembered I was on holidays.   Moderate mood buster for about 5 mins.   Then I thought – ok, fuck Mere, it’s time to make some changes.    I did an inventory of “stay” and “go” in my mind.   I won’t get into that right now.  I know I’m like soooooo open – but for now, you must wait.

I was also inspired by a friend of a friend who said fuck it to her old life of drinking and Calgary and “ew” – she picked up and moved to Van and is in the process of re inventing her already awesome self.    

This got me to pondering:   As I am married to Calgary because I am married to my Oil and Gas Guy – how can I reinvent myself within my own city.   What steps and chances can I take to get to this space of happy on the ready. 

So – the idea of this blog post came about.   I pitched it to my darling husband, the realist he is stated, obviously: “you will never always be happy”.   We do call him Eeyore.   

Also from Pinterest …

But he’s right.  I’m known for making rash life decisions.    So.  I’ve got to try a few things and figure it out.     

I really don’t want to be a super annoying quote of the day gal – because I’m already 3/4 of the way there and I’m getting on my own nerves.     

I have a few ideas.   I need to make a change and I can’t wait to tell you about it!  




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