At first, when I — damn — Photo Credit — 

OK – let’s start this again.

When I initially read this quote, I thought that it was kind of bitchy.  Like some post break-up motivational post.  

It’s not.   Don’t worry, I’ll tell you why.   As you have all likely gandered I’m on a journey of self- betterment of late and whilst we may agree that I have:


Photo Credit
In that time, on my hiatus from “Party Mere” – I have been honoured to have the opportunity to visit and connect and re-connect with those friends that I love so much, in an intimate one on one kind of way.    

Taking time out and having a damn good conversations is a damn good investment.   I want to be the friend that they are to me to them.   They all deserve it.   

I know that might sound cheesy, but those of you that know me, already hopefully accept my fromage. 

However, I think it’s important to let your circle of confidantes know that you’ll be there to be serious when you need to be, you have their back, they will have your ear and your unconditional love and support when they need it.   

This world and this life is some serious shit.   It’s stressful.   It’s fun!  It’s heart breaking.   It’s exciting!   

It’s better if you have a crew of beauties along for the ride.  


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