Hiking is Awesome

Look at my gimpy happy smile!   I love this shit!

Today I did Wasootch Ridge!  It wasn’t so hard – very doable.  Something I’ll take my girls on – if they will ever come hiking with me again (😁) …

I took off Stampede from black out partying – as you can likely gather from my last post – my marriage is 1 blackout away from being over.   As MUCH as they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree … I’d rather sort of break the trend / not become the cliché – for obvious reasons other than the fact that my husband is a total babe:

He’s so cute. 

Ok!  So solo hiking!  I’ve got the Girls Guide to Solo Hiking:  

1.    Be that person with tunes on the trail – why?  When you are huffing and puffing up the incline you are less inclined to shout to warn bears – because you have no breath!    

2.   Sing as loudly and proudly as possible.    Today I pretended I was in my own docu-musical!   It was glorious.   Nothing like a little help from Mimi, Iggy and Taylor to scare those bears away!   

3.   Carry Bear Spray – I for one do not think I would have the wearwithall to use it – but you don’t want those hiking people to be like “oh, I heard she didn’t have bear spray”. With that patronizing “she should know better” look.    You know that one.   

4.  Talk to yourself.   Who the fuck cares!    I also danced – poorly – no fucks given!!!  It was amazing.   

5.  Choose a hike you know you can do.  Mimi can only get you so far!

6.  Don’t do anything that requires a helmet like this scramble :

I was like – fuk yah!  I’ll do the scramble.    So I did the first one and looked to my right and was like: NOPE! 


7.   Advise your girls where you are going and what designer shit they get if you die.   Seriously.   Lisa those LBs are yours.   Leigh and V you are gonna have to fight over my sparkly Manolos.     Farrah – I feel like you were made for my black pointy toe Manolos.   Stacey, our sporty spice – you can have my gear – (I think we have the same board, sorry–) and decide who the trek goes to.   




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