Don’t Quit your Day Dream


Myself, and apparently 47 other people liked this photo from Canva today.   

I ALWAYS daydream!  Do you?   I think that is one thing I like about running or walking to work or just having the personality to pull off the “zone out”.

My husband always remembers his dreams – I only remember my day dreams.  

I do not day dream of winning the lottery or being the richest of the rich- although don’t get me wrong – I would take being rich, that would be sweet.  I actually dream of an enhanced me.

What do I mean?  Well – sometimes I daydream that this blog gets famous.  Sometimes that means that some celebrity endorses it or it might mean that some random at the store says “oh my god, I love your blog”

Sometimes I daydream about my future family how fucking cute my kids will be, how many kisses I will give them, etc.

Sometimes I dream about what it would be like to lose 10 lbs and be the foxiest MILF around.

Sometimes I daydream about taking a year off life to do a Yoga teacher training and really take the time to find a centre inside of me that grounds me and speaks to me.   

This is short but sweet – and It’s deffo a plug for day dreaming.   I day dream and you should too!




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