Drinking Wine Alone

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As I sit in between yoga and Pilates sipping on a mediocre glass of Ripasso at Gravity Cafe and Wine Bar – alone – I realize that this is what I needed all day.   And maybe more often. 

I’ve been crazy busy being a party animal in order to exercise my liver and body for pool season in Vegas.  I’ll let you know what this looks like:

Sunday – long run day – no wait, it’s shitty out – fuck! I fell asleep with pizza last night.  Okay.  Okay.   Spin class and Crossfit.  Okay, just Crossfit.  Or spin?   Fuck!  Ok I’ll just go for a run.  After this beer – for hair of the dog.  (Result – it depends on the degree of self loathing) 

Monday – new week – new beginnings! I’m going to definitely go to Crossfit and go for a run.   (Result: only Crossfit).  No booze today!  Eating healthy!  Go me!

Tuesday – god damn it I want a glass of wine!  Triple Threat Thursday!   Xfit run Pilates.  (Result:  not today)  I will drink wine today.  


Do you know what?  Forget this list.  Basically I try to drink and work out as much as possible before a big life event and end up static – status quo?  You know what I mean.

I usually just want to have some f-ing time alone.   With wine.  Here are the perils of drinking at home:

  1. You drink too much out of the bottle and your husband comes home and you know he is judging you. 
  2. You just say fuck it and drink the whole bottle and then hide it in the recycling.   Or just take it downstairs to the recycling.   But then take it out because you are worried that next stop is hiding vodka in the dryer.  
  3. Drink one glass of wine and torture yourself with how much you want more all night.   

Here are the pros for going or for wine yourself – alone – with a limited time period:

  1. You get alone time 
  2. You actually only have one glass
  3. You celebrate your self control 
  4. You celebrate how much self confidence you have for going solo.   Then you write a blog post about it.  Damn.

Ok.  Sidebar – there is a guy and a girl that are on a working date.   She is pretty and cool – I’m guessing she’s had too many 4 am shame texts and booty calls and is finally giving the marketing guy that she knows through friends of friends (how?) a chance.   

So he is helping her on her website.  She’s trying to see if he will stop talking about his pastor for 10 minutes long enough to get in a sinful kiss.  Or flirt.  Or anything. 

It’s so awkward.   I love it.  I wish I could stay longer to let you know how this goes down.    

This blog post sucks.  But yoga and taking yourself out for a drink and judging strangers is worth it!  Do it sometime! 



PS – he is now talking about how he had food poisoning in Disney World and now as a psychological aversion to Disney.    I want to stay… She still seems into it … 


2 thoughts on “Drinking Wine Alone

  1. Agreed, usually after one glass of wine you don’t want anymore if you’re drinking alone. Weird thing isn’ it? I also almost feel like I’m wasting wine for some reason by drinking it alone.


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