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We decided to do a community garden.  I like the idea of gardening.  Smiling at the sun, whilst my hands are busy with the earth, something like this:


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With some planting, success and more sun and stolen kisses.   The day of the first meeting, my Husband and I were obviously extremely hungover and late.   We go into a church basement and I immediately am thrown back to memories of being a preachers child.  Think about what you would think cheek pinching granny zombies would look like coming at you with smoked salmon crustless sandwiches.  SHUDDER.   After that there were a few awkward presenters and general disorganization that I’ve learned is essential to any volunteer organization.   They were taking a poll on who wanted to help out: I was immediately (in my mind) like “NO!”.  I do NOT want to build the boxes.  I do not want to go to a meeting once a month to talk about gardening.   I do not want to take charge of a newsletter.  I just want to plant my shit and smile at my fellow gardeners.

I’m not even going to apologize for sounding as though I am a horrible person.  I’m assuming that you have already passed your judgement.

I didn’t tell my husband until last weekend that I had burning resentment toward this gardening adventure I had signed us up for.   Husband was just like HUGE DRAMATIC SIGH.  I ignored him (healthy? who knows)  but it ate at me.   The next day, he brought up my lacking “stick-to-itdness” when we were talking about the golf lessons I’ve signed up for (which, in truth, I’m dreading, I suck at golf, I’m doing it for a) work and b) retirement).

On Monday, I sent Husband an email.  “Hey babe – this “non-stick-to-it-ness” thing you  brought up over 48 hours ago – do you think it’s a bad thing or a good thing?   Husband replied “it’s sometimes good and sometimes bad, it’s just a “Mereism”.

Hence this post was born.

An “ism” is defined by Wikipedia as a noun when referring to a set of ideologies (mostly used in philosophy).   Warning – I’m about to launch into an introspective dialogue.

I love this “Mereism” thing.   It makes me unique.  I’m sure that we all have our “ism’s” I think it would be cool to hear what other people’s “Ism’s” are.


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  1. Overanalyze everything (there must be a deeper meaning? I must be missing something??);
  2. Take a shame over hang over to really reflect on all of my worst attributes;
  3. Overshare most things about myself;
  4. Give awkward hugs at all times;
  5. Feel extreme anxiety about starting anything new;
  6. Try and make people feel good about themselves always – because people are great! (unless you’re not great, I’ve tried to make you feel great, but you’re really just an asshole);
  7. Constantly bitch about “Guzzy” (my belly, that won’t get thin even though I eat hamburgers, pizza drink beer and wine???   I don’t understand…);
  8. Try to be as hilarious as possible;
  9. Definitely overbook myself so that I have and anxiety attack and cancel all my plans to cry at home in my room for a day.  (it’s true).

There are likely more but there is a few!   I must go to work now and stop lollygagging here on this blog.




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