Adult Education & Poor Punctuation 


I took day one of 3 Blogging classes last night!   I’m so excited!!! Our instructor is Mike – the local blogger extraordinaire of Mikes Bloggity Blog.   There is so much cool shit out there to decorate your Blog for ALL of the OOH’s and AAHs.  I had to resist the temptation to try ALL of the things I learned about.   Too much, too soon.  Let’s not raise any expectations here!!

There is a WRITING INSTRUCTOR in my course.   Thank Jesus.   I need some serious help with grammar and punctuation.   I’m sure the Googlemachine could teach me, however I feel as though public shaming of my inability would be a better learning environment for me.

Alright.   So I wrote the piece above the night after I took the blogging course and then I had writers block for a week obsessing over what I would write next.    You know what?   Fuck it!  I’m going to write what I feel like until it turns into something…  Or not… 


You should follow the Fat Jewish – he’s hilarious!!!

Also.  I got a fringe:



It takes some getting used to since my usual ‘do is what my Airplane Boyfriend (that is his nickname – I’m not out fooling around on my gorgeous husband) accurately called it.   I just searched for 5 mins (ok – 5 seconds) in my photos and I can’t find a photo of the bun.   I’ll look harder later – but for now I want to binge watch Game of Thrones – Season 3 and play Candy Crush.  


 Which brings me to one last rant before I shut this random entry down!  There are rules to subscribing to Facebook and Asking Friends for Extra Lives.   (That’s the title of this rant):

1)  If anyone asks for lives and your receive a prompt to “send more lives now” – gain some Karma and spread the love.

2)  There is the opportunity to give lives when you fail a level!  



Be a hero!  Send some life love!   

3.   If someone does not send you as many lives as you feel you send them (maybe it’s more than one person) try not to hold a grudge.   Passively Aggressivly start a blog and write a post similar to this one and hope they read it and share a few lives 😉

Good Night!!!!




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