If you haven’t read Hyperbole and a Half you should.   One of my Psychologist – in – Training friends gave  Allie’s book to me for my 31st birthday.    I laughed out loud the whole 4 hour drive to my parents home in Cranbrook.   My now Husband I’m sure a) thought I was nuts and b) found Jesus after the car ride was over.   (Kidding, we don’t associate with an organized religion at this time — but I just wanted to paint a picture — holy tangent!). 

So on or around the same time I started this blog, I had decided, after a few drunken incidents where I a) lost control of my ankles (damn them!  They were working just fine at the beginning of the night!) and b) lost all of my keys and most of the contents of my purse (they were found: but you know, it took a few days) and c) received loving worried messages fr Husband and Friends — that I needed to cut back on drinking.

Objectively, when I read the last paragraph – I think – Jesus Mere!  You should maybe QUIT drinking.   However, I don’t want to.   If it gets to a point where I need to – of course I will – the most important question to me was:  OK Dude, what are we sewering ourselves with booze for?

I won’t get into it – I’m sure I already have.   My reflection inspired to make a few positive changes in my life:

  1. Aiming to not get drunk when I am out and about.
  2. Finding other ways of visiting with friends that aren’t about drinking.
  3. Getting back to Yoga – with a focus on the spiritual practice of awareness
  4. Getting back into running and using it as a moving meditation. 

Change takes time.   My impatient self is hyper aware of this.   At the beginning of this month until about a week ago, I felt myself slipping back into old habits.   My #3 and #4 were strong my #1 and #2 got lost in the fun that is life.   I had to correct myself.   Which I hope to do.

My correction came when I couldn’t do up a skirt that I had purchased 30 days prior!   What???!!!   

Welcome ALL THE FOOD.  There was a post at my old Gym that said: you can’t  out excercise a bad diet.   Which I have now found to be true.   I eat very clean when I’m not boozing – but the minute I catch a buzz I want a second supper of Clive Burger.   Never mind the millions of calories in the booze itself.

I just don’t want to be on a diet!  I am not apathetic about my size – I love endorphins – I love to feel sexy – I just don’t want my size or shape change because I’m not being mindful of the consequences of my actions. 

So.  I am back on track.   My goal is to be mindful.   Take ownership of what I’m putting into my body and recognize the effect – positive or negative it will have.   I hope this strategy will keep me from Drinking ALL the Drinks and eating ALL the food.



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