I want to make a change towards mindfulness in my life.   That is my resolve.   But – I need to call myself out.   Today while I was driving over to Pilates (at Junction 9 with Joanna – go see her, she is rad!) I was thinking about how I had felt the night before.

I felt agitated, distressed.   With a SMIDGE of self loathing.   I had eaten too much that day, drank too much that week and was generally feeling like I had failed on my journey to a better healthy space. 

That was the pity party of Wednesday night.    Today, I call myself out.    I am drinking too much, doing too much, over scheduling – the things that lift me in moderation, yet drain me in excess.  It’s not so much off track as out of balance.   So, Mere, enough is enough. 

I have heard that it takes 21 days to make a behaviour a habit.   I understand that on my road to mindfulness there will be detours and challenges.   Objective mindful Mere knows that these are all part of the journey!   Impatient, anxious, self depreciating Mere is feeling worried like chicken little, to which I need to tell:  


I struggle with the tug of war of ALL or NONE and just end up with a ton of anxiety and no meaningful change.

My good friend Giselle* reminded me that big change takes time!  You didn’t start out running a marathon – you started out running a block.  

This Morning I started out with 5 Yogi Mantras for a Better Day and meditated on them for 5 minutes.   I can’t wait to carry them as a check and balance into my day today!   

OM everybody!




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