Being a hypochondriac and such…


Is this not weird?   Are we trying to save tax dollars by saving on linen washing.  I recognize I have a persistent cough and therefore do not need/want to lie down on the bed.   With the sign, it is temptation overload.    Maybe I feel like stretching out after a long day in my cubicle?   Perhaps I want to wrecklessly waste a portion of my tax dollars breaking the written rule.   

Just writing that made me feel guilty – as I am here for a common cough.  I was put in the “fast track” room:  

  Which I believe is code for “fakers” and/or hypochondriacs.

I wouldn’t consider myself a hypochondriac but anyone with access to WebMD knows that, it’s likely Cancer.   In the back of my mind it’s 50/50 Cancer/COPD.   I’ll let you know.

On a non sarcastic point my nurse was so nice!!!!   Also.  I find it humorous how the doctors all talk to each other “have you got the UTI?  Yah?  Good! … No I discharged the Cough”   It would be somewhat of a luxury to never really have to Remeber anyone’s name.     You could use all of the nicknames for people at work AS THEIR name.   

Anyway that’s about it.   Bye for now!  




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