Things I like about Running

Nothing, today.   Running can be a bit of an asshole.  Or like a fight and have great make-up sex relationship.

Saturday, I ran a little race.  It was only 5 miles.   I was SO FAST I felt like I could run forever, just keep going!  After my girlfriend and I finished we were higher than kites on andrenaline!  We couldn’t get over what awesome runners we are and committed to some serious training regimes.

My eyes brightened just thinking about split times, perhaps, dare I even dream – a new PB?   

Today, I was ready to run.   The weather was a bit dodgy – but I had resolve!   After all!  I’m a REAL runner now – weather doesn’t stop me!   I have all the gear!   I am Canadian hear me ROAR.

The first 4K of my 10 were ok.  I could have turned around at 14th Street, but I decided to give myself some tough love.   Go the whole 10, get those Ks in me!   After I made that decision my lungs started burning and my mind went berserk.   For the next 6 K I experienced a wealth of emotions from fear, to dissapoinemt, to hypochondria, to annoyance at wind blowing in my face and the one stupid earbud that doesn’t want to stay?  

When it was done, I was so proud I did it.   I finished it!  I went outside, braved the elements and accomplished what I set out to do.   I didn’t quit (although I’m truly glad I didn’t vow to not bitch and wine). – I kept going!  It’s such an empowering thing!   No, I didn’t win a race or get a promotion at work – I did something for me!  I took a step toward my goal of a marathon.  I stuck with it!!!   It’s affirming!   

Now to earn my Yoga tomorrow… I didn’t stretch…   That can be next years’ challenge…


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