Happy Happiness Day!!


There it is!  My first picture!  I found it on Pinterest!   Am I allowed to republish?   I’ll probably find out soon – when I take my INTRO TO BLOGGING course on April 8!!!!   So exciting!!!!   I hope you are all excited too!

I only found out that it was the UN’s International Day of Happiness when I tuned into CBC Day Break this morning.   However it totally made me happy!!!  Find out more here:  http://www.un.org/en/events/happinessday/ 

Also, that was the first link I posted appropriately!!!   Yes!!!  So many things to be happy for!!

I would just like to list some of the things that make me happy:

  1.   Making other people smile!  (On the inside and out)
  2. Yoga   writing from my Mat as we speak.
  3. My friends.   You all make my heart bigger with the mad love I have for all of you!   
  4. Hugs.  Hugs are the wonder drug.
  5. White Tank Tops or T Shirts  This one may sound really weird, but I super duper love white tank tops.   Work out tanks, casual tanks.  They work for every occasion and come in so many cuts!
  6. Starbucks Coffee Mugs.  I collect them from places I visit.   The rule is that I must actually GO to the place and buy one myself.   They forever provide enjoyment of not only the beverage they contain but the memory of the place they were purchased.
  7. Waterbottles.   For some reason I only like drinking water out of water bottles.   I have so many of them, however each waterbottle was a well thought out process so that each serves me in a different way!

… TBC Yoga Time …


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