Pretty Womanizing, is it still happening?

Hi There!

About a month ago or so I wanted to contact a local known blogger and ask them to do some detective work and write a piece on Customer Service Snobbery in Calgary.

I like to consider myself a fashion conscious individual.   I wouldn’t go as far as labelling myself “Fashion Forward” however, I do classic, really well.   My Husband, is very fashion forward.  Not a hipster, but more of a hybrid between a Hipster and a Yuppie.  He’s always had his own style and always looks AMAZING.   What I’m trying to say is that, we care about how we present ourselves to the world.   We don’t dress grungily and we practice personal hygiene.  You’ll understand the need for this precursor in a moment.

I experienced some Pretty Womanizing at a local high end boutique in Calgary.   I will not go into details as my issue is resolved with this boutique — however, I have never been more mortified in my life.   (I talked to the owners directly, instead of, ranting on  Social Media, they were very apologetic and professional, I respect that, therefore you will not find any mudslinging here).   I was made to feel, on this particular day, that I was too poor to try on the gorgeous garment that I sought to try on.

The next day, my Husband and I were touring around Calgary, stopping in at Open Houses, to find inspiration for our soon to be inked attached infill.   We attended an open house in South Calgary.   Once we were finished our self guided tour, my Husband struck up a conversation with the Realtor.   At the end of our conversation, the Realtor exclaimed to my Husband and I: “Well, you two keep working those jobs and save your pennies, maybe one day you’ll be able to afford a place like this!” – The property was listed as exactly how much our future Infill will cost us.

Wounded, I lost faith.   I decided to go on my own reconnaissance mission.   I “needed” a new pair of Manolos anyway.  I dressed up in exactly the same outfit I was wearing to the Snub Store (Example 1) and headed to Holt Renfrew.   I asked to try on a variety of pointy toe pumps.  By variety I mean, nearly all the black pointed toe pumps in the department that were matte leather.   The salesman was amazingly kind, attentive and didn’t show an ounce of snobbery, pretty womanizing nor judgement.    It was great!  My faith was partially restored – and – I had a hot new pair of shoes.  Double win.

Last weekend I was in search of the BEST party dress for the DJD Black and White Ball.   I found it at Adorn Boutique in Calgary.   For this experiment (okay, I wasn’t really experimenting, I was shopping, but I felt a bit anxious about it) I dressed – edgily but stylish.   I had camo cargo pant joggers on, a really soft t – with a snake on it (I love it, my Husband HATES it) – a cropped camel leather jacket and my bright orange Nikeys.  + Raybans and a Top Bun.   I definitely didn’t look classic.  But I decided to go with it — just to see what would happen — you shouldn’t have to dress up to shop, right?   I wanted to try on the black tulle lady length skirt that I had seen in the window one day passing through Inglewood.   I went into the store and was greeted warmly by both the owner (in her workout gear!  YES!!) and the sales associate.   I explained what I was looking to try on and the event that I was dressing for.   I asked for their help in searching for a matching shirt.   At the end of the trip (I had 35 minutes) I left with:  the skirt, a perfect PERFECT shirt, a sparkly belt and the most gorgeous vintage-esque earrings you will ever see.   They were AWESOME.   Faith restored in small businesses!   (

My Husband and I have yet to go on a Real Estate Restoration in Faith Mission, but when we do, I’ll let you know.

I guess the real reason why I’m writing about this, is because I was just so disappointed in Calgary when I experienced the two negative experiences above.   We’re better than that!  The first rule of retail is that everyone is a potential customer!   You don’t know who your customers are.

I remember one time I had parked my Company Chevy Cobalt valet at Holts, because I couldn’t find parking and I needed to just pop in and stock up on Bobbi Brown.   I apologized to the Valet for my car.   The Valet told me that their biggest female customer in Calgary, drove a Chevy Cobalt.   I was appropriately chastised and learned a really important lesson that day:  You just don’t know what a person’s story is by looking at them and even the wealthiest people are those that are humble – so don’t judge!

Also, its not just about material wealth.  If you have specific criteria for who you want your friends to be or what you want people to think of you, you close yourself off to meeting great people with great knowledge and experiences to share with you.   I do truly believe that you get what you give, I try to give as much as possible.

I am not Saint Meredith of Non Judgement – those that know me know that I can get a bit bent out of shape about visors, inappropriate legging wearers, white sneakers/shoes (don’t even get me started on white shoes, actually do, once I figure out how to post photos in this blog — you can see for yourself and join the revolution against white shoes), neck tattoos (why WHY!!!), poor table manners, inappropriate office attire, poor hygiene… Ok, that’s enough!  But you see what I mean.  Are those preferences or am I being a hypocrite?   Please advise.

Anyway!  Time for this old bird to hit the hay.    Goodnight World.


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